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Endotecnica Srl has voluntarily endowed itself with some values and principles as the foundation of its own rules, behavioural and procedural, binding in the internal and external relations with all its stakeholders. Values such as legality, impartiality, competence, as well as the principles of confidentiality, loyalty, reliability find corporate expression in two formal acts that we have decided to emanate for several years so as to give us objective elements with which to inspire, constantly compare and evaluate our actions. The first of these is Quality Policy. In it are rooted in the company processes the international standards for management systems, as imposed by the two key directives on the attainment of quality certifications that we can already boast about for some time. The reference to the customer’s centrality, to the careful processing of data and to the risk assessment make this document the essential groove within which we decided to act in our programmatic and operational activity. The second document adopted is the Code of Ethics which, focusing on individual operators, from behavioural rules able to determine the legitimacy of an action, its conformity to our spirit and to the value that Endotecnica has imposed itself. Here there is room for principles such as integrity, traceability, separation of functions, reciprocity and transparency, all of which we consider essential for continuous monitoring and abatement of risks that can compromise both structural activities, as the secondary ones in which our work is made up. Endotecnica annually prepares and informs its employees, as well as any other person involved in its activity, of the changes, mandatory or appropriate, that these fields may undergo.


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